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THE CHALLENGE – 3D Sennheiser S1 Digital Aviation Headset

The creation of 360-degree assets is always a big challenge, as each product has its quirks and requirements. It is never a simple off the shelf solution and equipment will often need to be designed and built to solve the particular problems encountered.

If we take the Sennheiser headset as an example, I wanted to create a convincing 360 image that the consumer could rotate at will within a digital iPad display advertisement. Sometimes I am asked to create work before the products are physically available and still at the design stage. However, since this product was available to me as a prototype, I had the manufacturer send a few headsets to the studio. It was merely a matter of devising a cunning physical and lighting rig to photograph the product and create the perfect spin.

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The final piece of the puzzle was to create a home for the spinnable product images. This took the form of an iPad advert  in digital magazines, which included audio demo files, images, 360 products and video.