THE CHALLENGE – bush plane promo video

The Airvan 8 is basically the landrover of the sky, tough, basic and reliable. Its capabilities in remote locations make it the ideal supply aircraft for those areas off the beaten track. I wanted to find some end users to demonstrate the typical remote landing strips used by the Airvan on a day to day basis. After discovering that the postman on Flinders Island, a remote spit of land off the southern coast of Australia near Tasmania used an Airvan as his daily driver it was off to Oz to seek him out and film some of this postman’s day to day activities. The film formed a small part of Mahirdra’s “Rise Above” global campaign for the Airvan 8.

The finished film was brought together with a combination of After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

Locations: Melbourn Australia, Tasmania, Flinders Island, Chicago USA.