Dyson Black Friday Social Campaign

This week I have been in the studio having fun getting to grips with a motion-control social media shoot for Dyson’s Black Friday campaign. I have been filming a robot with another robot! Dyson wanted me to recreate the production line in the far east. After studying some archive footage I could see that the spray booths were comprised of a stainless steel bay with running water. So we set out to create this in the studio. The idea was to have a robot arm spray the product. It was decided it might also be fun to have the camera mounted on a robot filming this too.

I roped in an old friend who has been developing a robot arm motion control rig, as I really wanted to see what it was capable of and he needed to give it shakedown also. I must say It was far easier than I thought it might be and ended up being a pleasure to work with, in the end. 

  • motion control animation
  • motion control animation
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Below is a quick pre-viz we mocked up for the web team to see how a short clip will work on the website.