Dassault Falcon Jet 5X Tablet App, Event Product Launch, Video


The Dassault Falcon 5x Jet is the most advanced business jet to ever be built. With the 5X in advanced development and full-scale production to start two years in advance, Dassault faced the challenge of educating consumers about the business jet without a physical product. Working in partnership with Falcon Jet to create a stunning virtual showroom for tablet users to experience the futuristic Dassault 5X.

Responsible for project management, accompanying the innovative design incorporating video and animations was the presence of our stand-out copywriting services, displayed in a language, style, and tone that matches Dassault’s philosophy and product as well as their branding and design.

It was also necessary to work alongside the events management team to coordinate and document the product launch in Las Vegas. Fully documenting the event with video and stills and creating a media pack for worldwide release, social media and internal communications.