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I’m a British-born Cinematographer with a passion for storytelling through fantastic lighting. With around 20 years of experience in all aspects of photography and television, my passion is stronger than ever.

Having bought my first film camera at age 13 it was a couple of years and some chance meetings before I knew for sure that the camera would be the tool of choice for a journey that would consume his entire life and take me around the world. By 17 I had discovered photographic printing at college and was shooting most days. I knew then photography would play a big part in my life.

Starting out in film photography and graphic design back in the 90’s and eventually working in television as a location lighting cameraman and director for over a decade has meant gaining a huge knowledge of lighting and storytelling. I was travelling the world making TV programs for around 10 years, working for all the major broadcasters such as Discovery and the BBC. I would be working with Oscar-winning crew members on high-end serial drama one week, to shows such as Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares and Dr Who. 

I have a passion for great lighting and especially love stop-motion animation.

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